What major factors should john deere be aware of as it evaluates possible investment projects in the

Bob Ciura February 26, at DEis under pressure. Nevertheless, Buffett recently increased his stake in the heavy machinery maker, and Berkshire now owns

What major factors should john deere be aware of as it evaluates possible investment projects in the

Farming and agricultural are industrial sectors which are crucial to the overall American economy. About 15 percent of the total U. This is a vast improvement over a November report from the U.

Bureau of Labor Statistics which pegged agricultural employment at 4 percent of the entire American workforce. Technological innovations have enabled farmers to produce about percent more food than farmers in while utilizing 2 percent fewer inputs such as fertilizer, labor and seeds.

Economic uncertainties caused by lower commodity prices and federal tax break reductions has negatively impacted farm equipment manufacturers who have found their clientele unwilling to invest in tractors and grain harvesters which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

DE announced that reductions in its operating profits, caused by weak sales, would result in the layoff of 1, U. The agricultural industry is also being dealt a poor hand by a four-year drought in the state of California which is having deleterious effects on agriculture and other industries.

Reductions to federal water programs for farms has sparked fears that unemployment will rise sharply in farm communities. Given all of these reasons for pessimism in the farming industry, the most recent quarterly earnings report released by John Deere comes like a breath of fresh air, albeit a small one.

This may be a sign that the company is finding profitable new avenues for equipment sales; there have been reports that John Deere equipment is being more heavily utilized by sewer and water contractors in recent years. Financial analysts seem to be split on the actual implications of the earnings report.

Patent and Trademark Office. The invention also has a system for identifying obstacles and avoiding them before resuming travel along the planned path.

The pursuit of this innovation reflects the fact that work environments are trending towards the use of automated equipments. Autonomous systems for mobile robots are discussed within U.

The John Deere patent claims a method for a mobile machine that detects an emitter located within an operating environment.

The mobile machine performs a function in the operating environment in response to detecting the emitter. The innovation would be used on lawn mowing equipment so that robotic mowers could operate within a boundary without deterioration in signals received from the emitter.

Investments into the development of farming equipment are reflected in U. The prescription for operating a seeding machine disclosed here utilizes a seed delivery system with a switching mechanism that provides at least two varieties of seed to a meter. A controller operates the switching system based on a prescription of which seed variety to plant within a given area of land.

Seeding prescriptions are based upon environmental conditions, such as wetness or low-lying fields, which helps to optimize the number of crops grown within an area of land.

More improvements to agricultural vehicles were explained by U. The steering control system for a vehicle train with a tow vehicle claimed here involves a steering assembly and a series of sensing devices that determines the orientation of one or more towed vehicles during operation of the vehicle train.

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This system applies steering corrections during vehicle train operations such as harvesting so that heavy vehicles can be towed without adversely affecting the operation of the tow vehicle.

Improved hydraulic systems for a variety of work machines are the subject of U. The patent protects a ground engaging vehicle which contains a tool with a moving member and a control system for controlling the speed of the moving member.

An adjustable proportional control of the control system creates a signal that can control the speed and direction of the moving member.

Finally, we noticed upgrades to forestry vehicles which have been recently protected for John Deere through U. This patent discloses a forestry vehicle with two structures mounted on either side of a pivoting boom and connected via a channel within which the boom travels as it pivots.

The assembly also involves a debris guard which is pivotally and slidingly coupled to the boom. He has worked professionally as a freelancer for more than a decade. He has become a regular contributor to IPWatchdog. Steve also provides website copy and documents for various business clients.

The pages, articles and comments on IPWatchdog. Discuss this There are currently No Comments comments.At John Deere, we recognize Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as a global competitive advantage to accelerate business results.

Our ERGs are defined as company-sponsored, employee-run organizations formed around a common dimension of diversity, interest, or experience that affects the workplace.

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What major factors should john deere be aware of as it evaluates possible investment projects in the

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John Deere The farm equipment John Deere sells is the driving force behind Deere's financial results. Agricultural equipment sales account for roughly 75% of the company's equipment sales (about.

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