What do you consider wildes intentions

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What do you consider wildes intentions

This is an essay plan: Among other things, Wilde satirises the Victorians views on marriage. Marriage was seen as a way for people to better their social position.

The ludicrousness around how the characters behave when it comes to matters of marriage creates comedy. Wilde is mocking the Victorian ways. He is mocking the Victorian ideas of marriage through the character of Lady Bracknell.


These questions spark comedy from the audience because of how thoughtless and ridiculous they are. Lady Bracknell is a representation of those very conventional Victorians.

Wilde is using satire here to mock the fact that marriages are made with selfish intentions. During the Victorian era your family and social status was very important when it came to finding a suitor.

It is ridiculous and the fact that she is being so outrageous and senseless is comical.

What do you consider wildes intentions

Wilde highlighting the materialism of the Victorians through mocking marriage to create humour. Paragraph 2 gender role reversal — Wilde also mocks marriage through the use of gender role reversal as seen through Gwendolen and Jacks relationship.

Gwendolen is openly flirty with Jack, which was uncommon for a Victorian woman as it was always the man that pursued the woman.

Wilde creates comedy through this because of how uncommon it would be for a Victorian audience to see such an openly expressive woman.

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Another way Wilde sparks comedy through gender role reversal is through Jacks proposal to Gwendolen. She wants perfection so that she can keep up appearances. Appearance was very important to Victorians. This mockery of marriage being all about appearances and Gwendolen taking on the role of the man is a perfect example of mockery.

Wilde creates humour through his expose on how superficial marriage was to Victorians. Paragraph 3 characters different views on marriage — Wilde also creates comedy through mocking marriage by the way he paradoxes the characters views. Algys cynical views on marriage alongside Jacks romantic efforts.

While Jack has a more positive outlook on marriage and romance. Wilde also juxtaposes Gwendolen and Cecily. She has crafted this illusion that he has already proposed. Wilde is mocking how to all Victorians marriage is the same, no matter what views they initially have, the Victorian superficial ways as seen through the desire to be named Earnest is seen in all Victorians.

Wilde highlights that in reality for the Victorians marriage is all the same.

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Wilde humours this through his vastly different characters to show that everyone carried the same ridiculous beliefs when it came to marriage.Oct 13,  · im going to california to visit my girlfriends father for christmas.

she told me hes going to ask me "what are ur intentions with my daughter. im a very respectable and nice dewd. but i will freeze up from trying to choose the exact right words.

i dont wanna lie. right now me and my girl love each other and we can see a future with each Status: Resolved. In Wilde’s “The Decay of Lying: An observation,” I was particularly struck by some important statements of Vivian as regard Art, Nature, and Life.

May 09,  · ‘Wilde constructs comedy by ruthlessly mocking marriage.’ In the light of this comment, explore Wilde’s dramatic presentation of marriage in The Importance of Being Earnest.

In your answer you must consider relevant contextual factors. The video features actress Olivia Wilde and was released in line with the March 21 observance of World Down Syndrome Day.

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But many are saying the ad focuses too much on the year-old actress. Oscar Wilde's Biography. No description by Brianna Moslow on 20 November Tweet. Comments Intentions, an essay collection arguing the tenets of aestheticism, and that same year, he published his first and only novel, What one person considers an epigram, another may consider an elegy, poem, or perhaps even a song.

What do you consider wildes intentions

The most basic. What Do You Consider Wilde's Intentions to Be in the Importance of Being Earnest? Essay act 1, Wilde tells the audience of his intentions by subtly dropping hints at his views on both his past and Victorian society.

Intentions by Oscar Wilde