Virginity essays

Jason Callahan explains what that means for NASA missions under development, and why some scientists might not be that surprised. Jeff Foust reports on two alternative approaches under study for doing planetary exploration, involving philanthropy and coalitions.

Virginity essays

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Luke, the Evangelist who took the greatest pains to research the pertinent events of Our Lord's early life, records the following words of St.

Virginity essays

Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, to the Blessed Virgin: Note the wording of the Fourth Commandment as set down in the Book of Deuteronomy: This is the only Commandment which offers a blessing as a reward. Other Commandments offer curses as the inevitable fruits of non-compliance.

The Israelites were not to serve idols, lest God visit the iniquity of the fathers upon their children. They were not to take the name of the Lord in vain, for he shall not be unpunished that taketh His name upon a vain thing. But look at the tenderness with which the Almighty respects Fatherhood and Motherhood.

Every one of His actions, every one of His sorrows and glories were directed towards the glory of His heavenly Father. But, would the God-Man leave the Fourth Commandment only half observed? Could the Son of God be so forgetful? Some Protestants are fond of describing Our Lady as a glorified "incubator", a creature used by God and then shoved unceremoniously aside.

In this strange view, God become the ultimate "consumer", picking humans at random for certain tasks, using them up and tossing them into the rubbish when their usefulness is over. One wonders how the proponents of this view would react if you were to inform them that their own mothers were mere "vessels", meant only to be "used" by their fathers as a means of generating offspring.

Sacred Scripture tells us something different. It tells us that the unique spiritual bond between mother, father and child is so beloved and cherished by the Almighty that He went so far as to COMMAND that it be honored.

This is a simple matter of Scriptural record. Anyone wishing to denigrate the place of the Blessed Virgin in the life of her Son does so in defiance of both Sacred Scripture and the Commandments of the Holy Trinity.

One would be hard pressed to find in the entire Bible any occurrences where mothers are viewed as mere "incubators". Our Lady's Divine Maternity therefore, isn't a mere "aspect" of the Gospels, and unimportant element that one can safely ignore at will, but a critical part of them.

Many Protestants seem to take a peculiar delight in snubbing the Blessed Virgin. In a twist of logic which manages in one swoop to deny both the Fourth Commandment and Our Lord's claim to be the fulfilled of the Law, they posit themselves as the exponents of a "pure" form of Christian worship, a worship which is free of the Holy Virgin, Saints, and Sacraments.

They conveniently forget St. James' teaching that "the prayer of a just man availeth much", a clear Biblical endorsement for the Catholic belief in intercession. It's no wonder that Cardinal Newman wrote these word about their misconceptions: They speak in a dreamy, shadowy way of Christ's divinity.

They cannot bear to have it said, except as a figure or mode of speaking, that God had a human body, or that God suffered.

What Catholics understand as they hear the Gospels read each Sunday is that Christ was like unto us in every way except in sin; He was and is the God-Man. If someone ignorant of the Gospels could go back in time with a camcorder and tape a series of days in the life of the Holy Family prior to Our Lord's public ministry, he would little suspect that he was watching a god, let alone the One and Only God.

He would find a pious family, obviously loving and at peace.Despite all the evidence Mary still purports to retain her virginity, at least for the time being.

The trick is done by tampering with the original texts, retaining known errors of translation, inserting suitable confirmatory material into sacred texts, rejecting the plain meaning of words in favour of contrived meanings, and glossing over contradictions and inconsistencies.

Jun 07,  · Stern mentioned his interview with Valderrama in which the “That ’70s Show” star said he took Moore’s virginity. It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays [Shane Dawson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

THE INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER New York Times bestselling author Shane Dawson returns with another highly entertaining and uproariously funny essay collection. Virginity Narrative and Life Choices - Virginity is a social construct because it is not founded in objective reality, but rather in imagined reality or .

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