The importance of witnessing in christianity

Witnessing to Muslims - what is the key? The key to witnessing to a Muslim is getting him to understand that Islam does not offer these things and that Christianity most certainly does. In fact, Christianity is the only religion that does. Muslims use much of the same terminology that appears in the Bible:

The importance of witnessing in christianity

Christian Witnessing Christian Witnessing - We're Merely Called to Share Christian witnessing is merely sharing our heartfelt faith in Christ - what He's personally done to change our individual lives! We're not called to argue or debate anyone into heaven.

We're merely called to share! As in the courtroom, we're called to be a witness for the Gospel, not the lawyer, judge or jury… Leave that up to God!

And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God.

For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

Here's a "testimony" of a twelve-year-old girl who just wants to share Christ's love and God's purpose… Hello fellow middle school and high school students.

I'm here just to express a couple things that may be happening to many of us today. I know that I'm only twelve, but I really hope that I can help some of you know and come closer to Christ.

I first met Jesus when I was five years old. At that time, I just thought, "Oh yeah! If I go to church every Sunday, and believe that He's real, I'll go to heaven! God did not put us on this earth to do "stuff" and be "perfect," no, instead, we're here to make a choice, and learn to love our Creator and Father in heaven through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We don't have to work at anything or worry about anything - we just need to receive Jesus and rest in what He has planned for our lives. As a Christian, I still have many problems in my life, but I try to get through them the best I can. I know nothing I do will be perfect, or the best-in-the-world, but God's not worried about that - He just wants me to love Him.

Sometimes I'll pray to God, and it doesn't seem like I get an answer.

The importance of witnessing in christianity

At this point, many of us think that God has left us to wither away for the rest of our lives…but really, He's just testing us and building our character.

He gives us many tests in life… for me, as a teenage Christian, one of my tests is loneliness.

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But really, would God have put me on this earth to be lonely? Did he just put me here so every day he could laugh at my "mistakes"? He put me here - like all of you -- so we can bring Him pleasure. We're His children, and He wants us to grow up in His plan and purpose for our lives. To put all of your faith and all of your love into someone you can't see… is hard!

Because I used to not believe that Jesus was real. But now, I not only believe in Jesus, but I believe that God had placed me on this earth for a very important purpose, and hopefully, one day, I will fulfill that purpose.

It is your duty, as a Christian, to witness:

Sometimes you may think, if Jesus is really here with us, then why doesn't He help me in my time of most need? Why does He let people get sick? Why do people die?Witnessing, Importance Of. Receiving The Spirit The Gospel Worldwide Subsequent Witness To Christ Power Of The Holy Spirit Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Being A Witness Being Confident Power, Human God, Power Of Witnesses Sharing The Gospel evangelists, ministry of Strength.

For Christians:» What does Islam Some tips on witnessing to Muslims. Be courteous and loving. Reflect interest in their beliefs. Allow them time to articulate their views. Be acquainted with their basic beliefs. Be willing to examine passages of the Qur’an concerning their beliefs.

Jesus Christ's last command to the Christian community was to make disciples. This command, which the church calls the Great Commission, is the responsibility of .

THE CHRISTIAN. AND WITNESSING. TEN BASIC STEPS—BILL BRIGHT. EIGHT ESSENTIALS FOR INTRODUCING OTHERS TO JESUS CHRIST. 1. You must know Christ personally. 2. You must have no unconfessed sin in your life. 3. You must be filled with the Holy Spirit.

discuss why it is important that we share Christ with others. Witnessing Penn Jillette, one half of the magic team of Penn and Teller, is an accomplished magician, a very intelligent man, and an atheist. In , he was approached after a show by a Christian who had genuinely tried to share Christianity with Penn.

Some can tell painful stories of bad experiences with institutionalized Christianity. In America, Evangelical churches have often been bastions of conservatism, providing support for the status quo.

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