Professional lawn and landscape maintenance paper

The landscape beds are re-edged in the spring to establish definite lines between bed and lawn areas. Spring Mulch Fresh bark mulch will be added to all existing beds in the spring in order to maintain the proper 1. Our goal is to complete mulching by May 31st. Please let us know if you desire service at any particular point during the spring.

Professional lawn and landscape maintenance paper

Professional lawn and landscape maintenance paper

When planning to remodel the landscape of your home, know when you should hire a professional landscaper and when you should DIY. Whether you are looking to entirely remodel your backyard with pathways and plants or simply add a new lawn, keeping on schedule is key. Are there trees that require trimming or erosion issues that need to be addressed?

Do you want to install a patio or path, re slope a lawn, or build a gazebo? Landscaping can involve multiple projects and it can be easy to add more ideas and greater costs as your remodeling project is in process.

Consulting a professional can help you make educated decisions, especially with complex yard issues. Your contractor, landscaper, or landscape architect will be able to discuss possibilities with you and gather examples for you to vision what Professional lawn and landscape maintenance paper end result could be.

The following are examples of projects that could be a part of your landscaping remodel: Lawn — A lawn is a simple way to cover your property with greenery, but does require some maintenance such as watering and fertilizing.

When installing a lawn, consider the cost of mowing, fertilizing and irrigation. Patios and paths — Adding a patio to your outdoor kitchen or creating a pathway leading from your backdoor to your garden offers places for relaxation and structure.

Cement, brick, and granite are all types of material that can be used, but will vary in price and amount used. Pathways and patios are generally considered to be low maintenance however the size and materials will affect the initial costs.

Xeriscaping — This form of landscaping and gardening involves low maintenance plants, shrubs or soil by reducing the need for water and irrigation. The key is water conservation and in general these types of gardens are inexpensive in the long run, but it can be more expensive to install.

Flowers and gardens — For a more complex landscape design, planting flowers or sectioning off a space for a garden can be a great addition to your overall landscape remodel.

This may require extra outside support from a professional to develop the right layout and materials necessary for your specific design. The types of plants you use will determine the overall maintenance costs and water usage.

Whether you want to have an automatic sprinkler system or use a rain collection system, the set up costs and maintenance costs should be considered. This is a spreadsheet that notes all the projects to be completed, materials on order and expected delivery dates, the projected completion dates for each installation, and notes any holidays or days off.

When working with a landscape architect, he or she will most likely manage the overall scope and project timeline. Regularly checking in with your landscape architect and asking about potential delays will ensure you have full knowledge of the schedule. If you are doing most of the work yourself, or hiring subcontractors, you will want to create a schedule in order to keep track of deliverables and when your pros are scheduled to show up.

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Monitoring this schedule, tracking delays and serving as project manager will ensure you know how the project is going. Develop a contract A contract is a legal agreement between you and your hired professional in the form of a written document.

Having a contract for your landscape project will make sure you have a structured timeline for your remodel, while also staying on track with your budget. The type of materials you decide to include in your new landscape will affect the pace of your project due to shipping, processing, and handling of items and products.

Your contract will act as your guideline for ensuring all materials and actions are performed on time and meet your needs. Landscaping differs from interior remodeling projects in that it requires a certain amount of time and patience for the landscape to truly be formed — and even then, it is in a constant state of change and growth.

But even when your goal is to work on the yard over time, it may still be a good idea to develop an overall timeline for completing particular projects.

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For example, you may want to complete landscaping the front yard within the summer months, or complete your side yard pathway over the course of four weekends.

No matter what the project, writing on paper the overall goals, project costs and time expectation can help you keep DIY projects on schedule.BBB's Business Review for Professional Lawn & Landscaping, Inc., Business Reviews and Ratings for Professional Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.

Professional lawn and landscape maintenance paper

in Omaha, NE. Landscape Maintenance This company Founded: Jan 01, Southall Mowing was founded by John Southall in to serve Waverly and the surrounding area with quality lawn care and landscaping. From the start, we have gained the trust of hundreds of valued clients over the years performing just lawn care, just landscaping, or both!

Our property maintenance services vary depending upon your business or personal needs. We offer so much more than a traditional lawn care or landscaping services company.

Our professional services range from monthly to annual office and industrial cleaning support where our staff is always on-call, to complete facility and property maintenance. In addition to professional lawn maintenance in NJ, a full-service landscape company can provide specialty services and outdoor features for your home.

If you’re interested in these services, talk to a Bergen County landscape professional about . Simply download high quality Lawn Service Contract Template and use it for writing your contract.

Some Sample Lawn Service Contract Templates even have sample data from which you can refer to if you have no idea how to write a contract. View hundreds of Landscape Worker resume examples to learn the best format, verbs, and fonts to use. Able to work well independently with little to no supervision or as a member of a professional outdoor maintenance team.

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