Probability and statistics questions

Look at the answer Q: The height of male college freshmen has a normal distribution with mean 71 inches and standard deviation 3 inches.

Probability and statistics questions

The process to solve the problem is rarely straightforward and takes practice to perfect. Probabilities are used in mathematics and statistics and are found in everyday life, from weather forecasts to sporting events.

With a little practice and a few tips, the process of calculating probabilities can be more manageable. One important tip when solving a probability word problem is to find the keyword, which helps to identify which rule of probability to use. The keywords are "and," "or" and "not.

For problems with the keyword "and," the rule of probability to use is a multiplication rule. For problems with Probability and statistics questions keyword "or," the rule of probability to use is an addition rule.

For problems with the keyword "not," the rule of probability to use is the complement rule. Sciencing Video Vault Determine what event is being sought. There may be more than one event.

An event is the occurrence in the problem that you are solving the probability for. The example problem is asking for the event that Jane will choose both the chocolate and the vanilla.

So in essence, you want the probability of her choosing these two flavors. Determine whether the events are mutually exclusive or independent if appropriate.

When using a rule of multiplication, there are two to choose from. P B A is a conditional probability, indicating the probability that event A occurs given that event B has already occurred.

Similarly, for the rules of addition, there are two to choose from. Find the separate parts of the equation. Each equation of probability has different parts that need to be filled to solve the problem. For the example, you determined the keyword is "and," and the rule to use is a rule of multiplication.

Substitute the values into the equation. You can substitute the word "chocolate" when you see the event A and the word "vanilla" when you see the event B. Breaking down the percentages into decimals will yield 0.

This multiplication results in the value 0. Converting the answer back to a percentage by multiplying by will yield 42 percent. Warning Two events are known to be mutually exclusive if they both cannot occur at the same time.

If they can occur at the same time, they are not. Two events are known to be independent if one event does not depend on the outcome of the other event. These definitions are used to help complete the previous steps; a working knowledge of these is required to solve these problems. Contributing to eHow, she is also a software engineer and adjunct instructor of statistics and computer information systems.

Friesen holds a Master of Science in engineering management and a certificate in financial engineering, as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in applied mathematics and computer science from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.Statistics and probability questions - Spend less on medications from best manufacturers.

Don't hesitate to ask. Twelve colored ping-pong balls are placed into a shopping bag and well mixed. Data Analysis and Statistical Inference. The two preceding questions are examples of conditional probability.

These are probably overly simple to most but. Using and Handling Data. Data Index. Probability and Statistics Index. Probability and statistics questions and answers in pdf.

Amazing Applications of Probability and Statistics

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Additional materials for exam preparation can be . Probability & Statistics Interview Questions.

Probability and statistics questions

Probability & Statistics – Quiz 1: This quiz tests your understanding on quantitative measures used in statistics, such as mean, median, mode, quartile etc.

Probability & Statistics – Quiz 2: As like above test, this quiz tests your understanding on concepts such as mean, median, mode, quartile etc. Statistics 1 Probability Questions. Statistics 1 Probability Answers. 2 Xavier, Yuri and Zara attend a sports centre for their judo club's practice sessions.

probabilities of them arriving late are, independently, , and respectively.

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