Face recognition attendance system

Automatically measures speed and direction.

Face recognition attendance system

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Millions of algorithm deployments worldwide over the past 14 years. Live face detection prevents cheating with a photo in front of a camera. Simultaneous multiple face processing in live video and still images.

Gender classification and age evaluation for each person in an image. Emotion recognition and facial feature points extraction.

Our Products Social media[ edit ] Social media platforms have adopted facial recognition capabilities to diversify their functionalities in order to attract a wider user base amidst stiff competition from different applications.
Face identification for stand-alone or Web applications Managing time and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a payroll Manager. TimeMate attendance management software records time and attendance details from fingerprint biometric devices or other time keeping devices to manage employee time and productivity efficiently.
Biomax Biometric Attendance K30 System CAMS has been trusted by various corporate and government organizations across the globe.

Webcams or other low cost cameras are suitable for obtaining face images. Near-infrared and visible light spectrum facial images can be matched against each other. Available as multiplatform SDK that supports multiple programming languages. Face Verification SDK is available for developing large-scale high-security apps.

Reasonable prices, flexible licensing and free customer support. The VeriLook algorithm implements advanced face localization, enrollment and matching using robust digital image processing algorithms, which are based on deep neural networks: Multiple face detection Click to zoom Simultaneous multiple face processing.

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All faces on the current frame are detected in 0. After detection, a set of features is extracted from each face into a template in 0. See technical specifications for more details. Optionally, gender can be determined for each person on the image with predefined degree of accuracy during the template extraction.

A conventional face identification system can be tricked by placing a photo in front of the camera.

Face recognition attendance system

VeriLook is able to prevent this kind of security breach by determining whether a face in a video stream is "live" or a photograph. The liveness detection can be performed in passive mode, when the engine evaluates certain facial features, and in active mode, when the engine evaluates user's response to perform actions like blinking or head movements.

See recommendations for live face detection for more details. VeriLook can be configured to recognize emotion type in a human face. Six basic emotions are analyzed: A confidence value for each of the basic emotions is returned for the face.

Larger value for an emotion means that it seems to be more expressed in the face. The points can be optionally extracted as a set of their coordinates during face template extraction. Each of the 68 points has a fixed sequence number i.

VeriLook can be configured to detect certain attributes during the face extraction — smile, open-mouth, closed-eyes, glasses, dark-glasses, beard and mustache.

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VeriLook can optionally estimate person's age by analyzing the detected face in the image. Face image quality determination.Web API for Biometric Attendance System. CAMS supports the Web API for the biometric time and attendance machines (Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Card, Palm) and access control machines, which can be integrated with a website or any web application hosted at a domain or public IP.

Mar 26,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Electronic Door Lock Face Recognition Keyless Door Lock Digital Touch Screen Fingerprint Biometric Locks with Rechargeable Lithium Battery+5 pcs Mifare r-bridal.com Handed FingerTec Time Attendance TA Plus Color Fingerprint + RFID Time Clock3/5(1).

We have everything from Advanced Face Recognition systems to simple PIN Based Systems, for both Commercial and Residential usage Need Time Attendance or Access Control or Both Most of Our Biometrics Systems are designed with both Time Attendance & Access Control requirements in mind.

VeriLook facial identification technology is designed for biometric systems developers and integrators. The technology assures system performance and reliability with live face detection, simultaneous multiple face recognition and fast face matching in 1-to-1 and 1-to-many modes.

Web API for Biometric Attendance System. CAMS supports the Web API for the biometric time and attendance machines (Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Card, Palm) and access control machines, which can be integrated with a website or any web application hosted at a domain or public IP. Equipped with large storage capacity, attractive screen, and easy-to-understand icons, the FingerTec® TA Plus are excellent choices for your office’s time attendance system. Face recognition and its application as attendance system - karan/Face-recognition.

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