Artisan butter business plan

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Artisan butter business plan

Mmm, remind you of anything? The best cream comes from dairy cows grazed in meadows, so climate is crucial because it affects what will grow in the fields and therefore what the cow eats.

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Industrial scale butter production involves extracting small amounts of cream from whey, a by-product of cheese-making, and cultures are then added to the cream to improve longevity. Continuous churns are used, with the capacity to produce 22, lb of butter per hour. It results in a consistent if perhaps uninspiring product, but there are still companies around making butter the old fashioned way.

They are one of many licensed organic producers in the UK, all seeking to provide high quality products in what has become a difficult market. Their butter is made in small batches using a churn.

Netherend Farm's success proves that excellent butter is produced in this country, just as it always has been.

artisan butter business plan

What to look for in a butter If you are making flaky pastry a high fat content or, more specifically, a low moisture content is considered an advantage. Flavour, however, does vary. Butter is undoubtedly best when made from the milk of free-range cows.

Organic definitely pays dividends.

artisan butter business plan

And the fresher the cream, the better the butter. But it all boils down to taste, so try different butters and see what you prefer. This is agitated or churned to separate the liquid from the fat.

Prills of fat are formed in a liquid buttermilk which is then drained off. The remaining prills of fat are then thoroughly washed to improve the taste and extend the shelf life of the butter and worked to create a smooth texture before salt is added and the butter is shaped.

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OUR STORY. SHEA STORIES; business plan development, and marketing. Shea butter is an incredible gift to women on so many levels – from the Shea producer in the village, to the small business owner who manufactures products for the local market.

Sourced from women-run cooperatives in West Africa, our artisan partners produce the purest. About Us.

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Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Peanut Butter & Co. website. If you love peanut butter, you've come to the right place. Our company is built on PASSION - a passion for peanut butter, a passion for healthy living, and .

We prepare business plan, feasibility study and market report for the small and medium scale industries and develop the entrepreneurial capacity of our client with the aim of providing the much needed business data in Nigeria.

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Shea Butter Business Plan. In the cosmetics industry, creating a skin-nourishing product formula is the pinnacle of achievement. Consumers demand products that help restore youthful tone and elasticity while delivering long-lasting moisturizing benefits.

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