An analysis of the poem reading poems to a senior class at south high by dc berry

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An analysis of the poem reading poems to a senior class at south high by dc berry

The setting of the poem is in a senior literature class, at South High School. The speaker in this poem is a teacher, who tells the reader about his or her students and about the course of his or her literature class. The teacher discusses poetry with his class, but at the same time compares the students and the classroom order to fish in an aquarium.

The poem consists of seven stanzas. The first stanza states how the teacher enters the classroom and finds his or her students, orderly situated in their seats, where he or she uses a simile to compare them to frozen fish in a package. The second stanza holds the first metaphor.

From the eyes of the teacher, the room starts to slowly fill with water, but he did not notice this until it reached his ears. What really happens here is that the teacher simply follows his or her regular teaching procedures in a monotone way until he or she suddenly notices that these students are interested in what he or she has to say.

On Reading Poems To A Senior Class At South High Poem by D. C. Berry - Poem Hunter

In the third stanza the speaker uses a metaphor, an overstatement, and a simile, to describe the change of mood and situation. At this point, the mood has changed completely.

An analysis of the poem reading poems to a senior class at south high by dc berry

The teacher says her or she can hear the sound of fish in an aquarium. The speaker is surprised, for he or she had tried to drown them with words.

This is an overstatement, which really holds that the teacher was simply lecturing to his class, and not expecting toThis book is dedicated to all my family and especially to our newest members, Theodore, Lucia, and Rohan, to my dear sisters Irene and Alexandra and to those who have been like sisters to me, and to my brothers John, Nicos, and Andre.

An analysis of the poem reading poems to a senior class at south high by dc berry

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