Adidas case study

But interviews are tricky, right? This becomes even more difficult when you add into the mix the excitement of that interview being with an aspirational brand like adidas. Well, the good news is, when we interview we want to see you at your best!

Adidas case study

A few years ago, adidas launched a new label called NEO, which was directed at younger customers. Moreover, adidas has been successful in the e-commerce channel, but so far, had not taken the initiative to connect real-world experiences with virtual shopping.

Case Study on Adidas and Reebok Merger |

Finally they found a buyer from Germany — adidas. They are in deep competition with NIKE all the time about innovation. So of course it was a natural thing for them to just sign up and go for it.

Therefore, smartphones were crucial in this campaign.

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The team behind the campaign took all these aspects into consideration and went on to build a close-to-perfection prototype. Expensive because these screens needed to handle direct sunlight. The cost of this hardware made it something that not every retailer can afford. On the other hand, the concept can alternatively be used inside a shopping mall for example, where sunlight is not a problem and in this case, the price per unit is cheaper.

Martin Mohr on the pilot: We had to make it completely solid, and make an e-commerce integration so that you could actually buy. Some people did actually buy via the system.

Adidas case study

It was a fully functioning prototype. This problem was solved. For many, shopping will always be a social activity; adidas window shopping allowed people to share their favourite items via social networks.

Which is a completely outrageous number.

Adidas case study

If you think about a big street: Then during the night time we had some conversions via-commerce going on as well. And that was in a relatively small town. The big success came in getting attention, not in actual sales figures.

People loved manipulating the mannequins and the overall gaming aspect. Although the creators finally put shopping into window shopping, the interactive window served a different role and ironically, in many ways went back to the original concept of a window display: The window made the store itself attractive and consumers were more likely to make a real-world purchase.

Martin Mohr comments the results: If you consider six weeks in Nuremberg — we had around 7, interactions with the mannequin for example. The short-term sales figures were less important than the overall attention it generated. And nobody wants to share personal information in front of others.In this case study I will be concentrating on the general Adidas channels, not focused on the sector accounts as much.

DISCOVERY CALL Find out how Digital Business Power will benefit your business. adidas Group Case Study A powerful combination of network consolidation and prudent investment in warehouse automation has resulted in a high performance supply chain for global sportswear brand, adidas.

adidas Facilities Manager Title Better Buildings Alliance, adidas Case Study: adidas Saves Energy and Costs with Planned RTU Replacement Program (Fact Sheet), Better Buildings, U.S.

. This management case study discusses the merger between Adidas and Reebok. Will Adidas’ $ billion takeover of Reebok in be successful or is it hampering the German sportswear-maker’s.

Instagram Case Studies From Top Brands & Campaigns 1. Adidas #MyNeoShoot Instagram Case Study. Adidas generated excitement for Adidas Neo, its new division of youth-targeted products, by creating an Instagram campaign completely ran by social media users and influencers called #MyNeoShoot.

2. The sponsorship deal obtained by Adidas was the broadest set of sportswear rights in Olympic history. THE CASE STUDY The elements that make up the marketing mix: The marketing mix is often referred to as the 4Ps, example product, price, place and promotion.

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