A discussion on math and music

Students use computers, tablets, and smart boards while learning. Online websites offer teachers a variety of lesson plans and virtual manipulatives. With so many options though, it is hard to find the good sites that teachers can use. Virtual manipulatives give students prompts, feedback, and answers to problems while working on problems letting the students use more self-exploration.

A discussion on math and music

Asymptotic All discussions of music and math fall immediately into the deep end of the pool.

Discussion Music is Math How Music and Math are Connected It is quite incredible how music and math are connected in so many different ways.
Aztec Music - Cantares Mexicanos Beyond the basic uses of mathematics in music theory and notation such as chords, time signatures, or dotted half-notes representing a count of threemusic has also been the source of research in many areas of mathematics such as abstract algebra, set theory and number theory.
How Music and Math are Connected Thus the major third is considered not a third but a ditone, literally "two tones", and is 9: A whole tone is a secondary interval, being derived from two perfect fifths, 3:
r-bridal.com Help: About Discussion Boards Aztec Drum Rhythms - making music with syllables and fractions - Welcome to my virtual field trip on Aztec music! So, take a couple of minutes to read more about Aztec culture, learn how to vocalize some rhythms using Aztec drum syllables, and explore some surprisingly fun connections we can make between language, math, and music!

As unlikely as it sounds, I'd say you are both right. Western music also has several forms of 'just' intonation which also have different, untempered spacings between semitones, and a whole crop of other intonation systems abound in non-western musical traditions.

This is one of the many places where things get weird. In an evenly tempered scale, the diatonic interval of a perfect forth E and A, for instance sounds exactly the same as the augmented third chromatic interval E and G because, being evenly tempered, the frequencies of G and A notes are identical; in just intonations they aren't the same frequencies.

Adding to the confusion, Greek nomenclature for their three standard tunings for 4 stringed instruments were called diatonic for instance, A-G-F-Echromatic A-Gb-F-Eand enharmonic A-Gbb-F q -E where what I'm showing as F q is F lowered by a quarter-tone, and G-flat-flat would be close to an evenly tempered F, but isn't exactly as note spacing usually followed a 3 cycle Pythagorean 'just' intonation scheme.

My copy of From Polychords to Polya: I haven't read it, but The Math Behind the Music looks interesting, and is reasonably priced. Don't know if this qualifies as BS or insight, but the question of musical scales puts me in mind of Euler's identity in that both incorporate natural, logarithmic, and irrational numbers.

Octave ratios are rational i.Just the Facts: Five Games for Teaching Math Facts Practice! That's how most students learn their addition facts or times tables. Rote drill is a popular and proven tool for learning math facts. Back in , Stanford University mathematics professor Robert Osserman chatted with comedian and banjo player extraordinaire Steve Martin in San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre.

The event was called “Funny Numbers” and it was intended to deliver an off-kilter discussion on math. Boy did it deliver.

The first half of the discussion was loose and relaxed. Welcome to Music Tech Teacher This site is an extension of my music technology and band classroom.

I taught Instrumental Music (Band and Music Technology) from in the Birmingham City School System and recently retired. Over math lessons for all grade levels.

A discussion on math and music

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