80s research paper

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80s research paper

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Known as the decade of excess, the 80 s brought a more visual experience to music. From fireworks at concerts to MTV, the 80 s made sitting next to the radio a thing of the past. Musicians became more into their image then ever before.

The 60 s were the natural, feel good music era. The 70 s were the dance crazed disco era. By the time the 80 s rolled around, people needed something new and crazy. People s hair was outrageous, and the 80 s got the name, the big hair decade from this.

Bright colors and flashy clothes were also the craze. Hair and clothes were a direct reflection of the music people listened to. MTV, otherwise known as music television, brought videos along with music to TV. MTV brought the artist closer to their fans by being in their homes and showing how they look, along with how they sound.

MTV became a place where unknown artists could become huge. The music video brought a new style of life to people s homes. Hair and clothing were very much effected but also cars, sports, and other subjects were effected. After seeing rock stars drive American muscle cars in their videos, people went and bought Mustangs, Nova s, T-birds, and Corvette s.

Even sports stars wanted a part of music. Many athletes would be in videos to show their support to their favorite artist.


The post-disco decade brought more wild music, and dancing to America. Rock and Roll was the biggest form of music at the beginning of the decade.

80s research paper

Rock and Roll s fans were mostly white Americans during the late 70 s. The Rock and Roll life style was a party life style. Many of Rock s artist were criticized because they praised beer and thrashing in their music. Later on during the 80 s Pop music became popular.

Pop was music that everyone could enjoy with its catchy beats and tunes.14, the united states matthew sherman july center for cleaning position paper research and informal studies psychology advantages disadvantages 80s.

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The 80's were very important years in music history. Known as the "decade of excess," the 80's brought a more visual experience to music. From fireworks at concerts to MTV, the 80's made sitting next to the radio a thing of the past.

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MTV MTV galloped through the '80s as a factor of musical taste, style and fashion. During the early '80s, the network helped introduce an entire stable of new music stars. For almost the entirety of the decade of the '80s, MTV was a force to be reckoned with, serving as the music video headquarters for the pop music world.

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